High-quality gaming and fascinating features are one of the key qualities which Xbox one gaming console is providing to all its game lovers across the boundaries. Mind boggling graphics and classic collection of games always makes the gaming brand as one of the key options for experiencing the gaming mode. In the diverse range of games availability, Japanese games are the latest availability on Xbox one. Grab them to experience japan in a gaming way. If got in trouble while action, head to Xbox Live support to get the best solutions.

How your gaming experience is going with your Xbox one? The marvelous gaming brand has already set the mark of becoming one of the key gaming players in the market. With the fascinating features and amazing services, the gaming brand has proven its supremacy in the gaming world. So, there could be many reasons to count on the gaming consoles. Xbox one actually the holds the diverse range of action-packed games, which is the sole reason that the gaming brand has reached to the boundaries of every possible country. The collection of games has been the best one which is hard to find with the fine graphics. And when there is Microsoft behind the consoles, you can expect such kind of class products. This is also the reason, that the gaming brand got the huge fan base in the market. And with the innovative efforts, the gaming brand is still in the way to add many new games in its fan base. New gamers can reach out to Xbox Support Chat to counter any kind of trouble in the gaming experience.

Having the immense fan following, the gaming brand has reached across the boundaries of different countries. But, Xbox one never roots its way to Japan, and that is why there is a shortage of Japanese titles on the gaming console. Still, we have come up with the best Japanese games that you can access on your Xbox One. All live members, if you have any kind interrupting trouble with your Xbox one, you can reach out to Xbox Live Support Chat to counter the issue and get the desired solution.

  •  Final Fantasy XV- The video game is an open world action playing the game, which features the action based battle and the open world environment. It is the 15th installment in the Final Fantasy series. The game is packed with the places and enemies, making it one of the best final fantasy titles.


  • Dark Souls 3- It’s an action video game which reflects the complete package of bosses, combat systems and world depiction which makes it a complete Dark Souls Package. FromSoftwares is the creator of the game. The game involves the players to have a different kind of weapons to fight against the enemies.
  • Resident Evil- The classic horror genre game will surely take you to the 1996 classic. With the fascinating graphics, Resident Evil’s remaster is the best package to get started with the Resident Evil franchise.


  • D4- Dark Dreams Don’t Die- The game is a classic section based graphic adventure which takes the player in an unpredictable and offbeat world. Through this brilliant adventure, players come in the role of David young, the young private detective who is finding his wife’s killer. Right now, there is only the first season available, which includes first two episodes and an introduction.
  • Mega Man: Legacy Collection- Bringing all the six original entries in the franchise, Mega man emerge to be one of the classic packages for anyone who is interested in the 8-bit classic. All the six games are remastered with HD quality. Thus, inviting all the new generation and long-time fans. If you counter any kind of technical issue with the consoles, you can head to Microsoft Xbox Support to counter the issue and get the expert assistance.