The debate over paper and e-books will continue for some more time. But one thing that can be said without any kind of doubt is that the Amazon Kindle e-reader is the best e-reader in the market. You can take Kindle Support to know more about your Kindle e-reader. If you own a Kindle, then you should do yourself a favor by getting acquainted with these wonderful apps and sites. It doesn’t matter at all which kindle is right for you as long as you have one these apps will surely be going to help you.  You will get almost everything here from collecting highlights in one neat place to consuming the news regularly. And, of course, such a round up will not be completing without finding a way to find free e-books to read on your kindle e-reader.

Here are those apps and sites that you should know if you are big lover of e-books or you can also take Kindle Help:

Zen reads: Kindle-friendly Daily News Digest

For your eyes, reading o kindle is better as compared to reading on a smartphone, tablet or computer. If you have the habit of consuming the morning news on the screens, then you should do your eyes a favor by switching yourself to kindle. Zen reads is here on kindle to ensure that you don’t miss anything. This is the site that has been specially made for kindle and it delivers an e-book digest of all the news that you want to read daily. During its setup process, which is a lit bit long process, you are asked to choose the sources that you want to read. You can choose from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Verge, Ask Reddit, Wikipedia on this day, New Yorker, Mashable and much more. The e-book is updated every midnight your time, which Zen reads figures out automatically. Here you can also add your articles to favorites list to check them later. It is easily downloaded on kindle and no network connection is required. Take Amazon Kindle Support for more details.

Reabble: RSS Reader made for Kindle’s Browser

If you like customize the sources that you read, then RSS news reader is the best way. With the help of Kindle’s built in experimental browser, you can easily access the only made for kindle RSS news reader-Reabble. It works like any of the best minimalist works. You can add the feed of your favorite sites and it will pull their latest updates. It is completely black and white and this thing makes it only for kindle. It feels intuitive and natural. For using this you need an active internet connection. Take Kindle Com Support in case of any difficulty.