Today, in this blog post I will let you know that how a single click can clear away whole EBook library from kindle download menu of kindle fire device. I will try to make you understand by placing own example in front you.

I purchased a kindle device and started using it. Everything was going smoothly but all of a sudden, my kindle fire stopped responding. It was not able to execute my commands properly. The first solution that came to my mind was to take Amazon kindle support from the link but I still remained in trouble. I tried my best to solve this problem by any means but all went in vain.

Here, I want to mention that I used to save my books in EPUB format under Mantano app. I had used this app in my kindle because this app support all the formats and has capability to read contents from external memory storage device. You will wonder to hear that I had saved more than 200 files in my mantano app and all were downloaded from my Amazon kindle login account. One day I made up my mind to un-install mantano app from the device, which I had downloaded from google play store. I, then go to ‘home’ settings and uninstalled app from my device. By the way, I tried to open the EPUB file from my device, I was shocked after seeing message on the screen, which says that ‘all the files are lost’ no contents to show. I searched it here and there in my kindle device but, didn’t able to find it. I made a call to Amazon kindle customer service number, but they have not replied positive.

After thinking a while, I opened my kindle fire manager and searched for the same files. I was getting red with anger, when I noticed that all the other files are present but the only file which I am searching for is not available in the file list. All the pictures and to-do files were present in the manager. I, then tried to find these files in ‘manage kindle devices option and also cross-checked my personal information that whether it is available or this is also washed-out. Fortunately, all the information was available in my device.

I kept on wondering that how a single app uninstallation can delete entire EPUB files from kindle library folder. The same app I was using on my Lenovo tab. I tried to transfer my missing files from this tablet and have successfully achieved it. I concluded after this that problem is with the device only but not with the app. I also felt that this might be due to update problem, so I tried to contact kindle help team for this issue.

At last, I restored all my EBook files on my kindle device successfully. All this had become possible with my Lenovo tab. actually, the files were not deleted permanently from the system but arranged in wrong order, so I had to squander my precious time in re-arranging it. I had even contacted at support number for help in this regard. All the books were successfully retrieved on my device and I also re-downloaded all my books available on my cloud account. Everything was running perfectly on my device now.

At last, I concluded that you must store or back-up all your files on some secondary device because, these can be easily retrieved on device when required after performing the restoration function. In case you are facing any problem in downloading the data, you can take help from the official kindle link.