Amazon has released its largest tablet having best aspect of Android and speed similar of an Apple device.

Since many years Apple is coming up with innovative and latest technology devices which are more efficient and have smarter interface. Amazon Kindle, to chase the pace of Apple released Fire HD10 and it has all the best features of Android devices and speed of an Apple device.

Business insider notes that Amazon’s latest operating system is Bellini. It is capable of moving quickly through menus, apps and through settings. Bellini allows users to swipe between pages doesn’t matter whether they contain videos, music, games or books. Amazon has put a stop to all the lag by introducing this operating system.


Amazon has always provided quick tutorials of how to use their gadgets on Kindle fire supportMoreover, if you are wondering how to Manage my Kindle account then users will notice that Fire HD 10 is automatically connected to their Amazon Kindle account. For example Amazon’s book app will have the e-book previously purchased ready for download. The screen is also well organized as Amazon apps are seen at the top of the screen and while all the others are placed at the bottom.

Another extra aspect of the Amazon Fire Tablet 10 is that it look out for its users by its special feature “On Deck”. This Tablet automatically download movie s and television shows based on the internal story of the device which is left. The whole purpose of this is that users who need tablet for hours and they forget to fill it with media can take the advantage of this feature taking Kindle help.


Fire HD 10 is sleek to look at having aluminum back and is light weight too. According to PC Advisor the Fire HD 10 tablets are available in three colors i.e. black, white and silver. Further, all the ports and buttons can be found on the top edge whereas, stereo spears are placed on the left-hand edge. 

The device is sold for $229.