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Book lovers will glad to know that Amazon brought some of the best non-fiction classics to Kindle.

kindle e-books

We no need to tell that how superlative your Kindle is when it comes to reading. If you’re fond of reading or want to gain good book reading experience, then you should go for Kindle e-readers and currently if you’re using the Kindle device then by navigating to Www kindle com support you can seek for precise assistance regarding any technical error or trouble. Well we would like to let you know that older non-fiction and short-form stories are arrived at Kindle. Company launched Singles Classics, a program to resell old stories and essays from celebrated non-fiction authors and magazine writers like Norman Mailer, Susa Orlean and Gloria Steinheim. Kindle has launched the Kindle Singles program in 2011 and this recent launched is an addition in existing program. Single Classics geared toward essay-length pieces, it doesn’t have a word length. Singles Classics hold some famous fictions of renowned authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and John le Carré. Kindle users can enjoy this on their devices and in case if you’re struggling with any problem in your Kindle, take Kindle Help anytime.

kindle e-books

More than 140 essays, stories, and articles, with many big-name writers signed on to build out the initial library is in launched program. While many of these stories are the part of anthologies or essay collections, 99 cents is a selling price on Kindle Store that Amazon has fixed. Publishers and authors are retaining up to 70 percent of the royalties from the sale of every copy. If you’re a book lover and don’t want to miss this, then you need to create your Amazon Kindle Account and can get the Prime Membership as well. Kindle Unlimited subscribers (Amazon’s e-book subscription service) can get free access to the library. Rest go to Kindle Com Support for best succor and Singles Classics are available on Kindle, Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle App for Android, iOS, Mac and PC.