I think you all are having accounts for skype login? If yes, then do you able to login properly at all times or getting ‘skype can’t connect’ error message on the screen occasionally? Don’t worry if you are getting similar error message, then I am going to help you through this blog post. There is no need to take skype support from any other link. I will try to solve your problem by myself.

One day I tried to login to Skype account but was unable to login and keep on getting skype not connecting message on the screen. One thing I would like to mention here is that I was using Linux OS on my system with skype version 4.2 on it.

I instantly looked on the internet for some solution and for getting skype help but didn’t get fruitful result. After searching a lot, I came up with one solution on the internet. The solution was to delete the skype folder from the program files. For this, I go to home folder from the browse window and look for skype folder. After searching it, I successfully deleted the skype folder from the program list.

If you want to perform a similar solution on your system with Linux OS in it, then you can also move in a same pattern. Yes, if the skype folder is hidden, then you need to type’ is-all’ in a command prompt window. It will then list all the files and folders. Another option to delete this folder is by typing an Rm-Fr. Skype command in the command window. You must know that these commands are without any quotes. Another important thing is that if your skype video not working or skype audio not working then this solution is not valid. This is valid only in case of ‘skype not connecting’ error.


Another technique to delete the Skype folder is, by tapping on file manager. You can delete this folder from file manager only after removing this folder from hidden files. To apply this method on window XP, 7 or vista OS, you need to find a skype configuration folder from user files. Under command prompt, you have to enter C:\users\’your computer name’\. If you are using window XP, then you need to look into ‘documents and setting’ folder under user profile.

If you are using any of the Microsoft windows other than the above mentioned one, then you can simply use search tool to open a skype folder from user profile. The skype folder is stored under user profile folder. You must ensure that skype folder must not be deleted from program files on window vista, XP and window 7 and 8.

After successfully deleting the skype configuration folder, try to sign onto skype account again. If your problem is solved then its ok, otherwise try signing onto skype login from skype.com link. If you are able to login to your account from web based skype, then it is cleared from here that the problem is not with your skype account but it is within the system only.

In my case, I was able to resolve this problem only after updated my skype version from 4.2 to 4.3.After updating software version, I have not got that skype can’t connect message again on my system screen. To update the skype version, I quickly ran apt-get dis-upgrade and the version had upgraded at once. I tried signing onto skype account again.

Now I was able to login successfully to skype account and I hope these tips will certainly work on your system too. These tips are useful for Linux, windows, Mac operating system users. For more help and support, you can talk to expert team on skype customer service chat window. They can help you in the best possible manner.