Recently, we have received feedback from some proud customers of Xbox one that they are getting error codes on their screen soon after they try to update their hardware to next generation. We know that this error is pretty annoying and effects your normal operation too. So are you also getting the error code on your Xbox console? Today in this blog post, we are going to provide the solution for your problem.

The Microsoft Company has released some set of codes that are quite common these days and also provided troubleshooting steps to remove the codes for hassle free operation. You must read this blog post carefully, so that you don’t find the need of taking Xbox help from any other sources on an internet.

Some of the Xbox users have complained about the device hard drive. They mentioned that the drive sounds like something is crunching inside, when they inserted the disc into the drive and the disk spits out automatically after few seconds. This problem has not even mentioned on Xbox support link. So continue reading this blog post and find a way for your problem.

The codes are varied on the basis of ‘x’ digits fixed along with the error codes. These digits denotes country, origin and locality of a user. There is no need to entertain the first two digits of your error code as these are not mandatory for getting the solution.

Now we are going to discuss the error codes one by one along with their suitable solutions. You just need to enter the error code that is displayed on the top of the screen and get the solution at once. If you find any problem, then take Xbox one support from the online link.

  1. Error code 87ddxxxxx, 8019019x and 80072xxx: All these errors are network related errors. If you come across this error, then first check the internet connection through below mentioned steps:
  • Go to network connection and check whether it is working or not on your console box.
  • If you network faces any problem on your console box, then take support from the network resolution page. For help and assistance, you can go to Xbox live support
  • Yes, if the network is free from errors and you are still getting the same error, then the problem is certainly at the transmitter end. In such cases it would be better to call your internet service provider for assistance and support. Wireless interference from cellular mobile and microwave oven can cause errors on your console.
  1. To get rid of this problem, try wired network.
  2. Update your device again.
  3. If you still getting an error, then restart your Xbox one by pressing the controller button etched on the top. Keep you device off for 5 seconds then turn it on.
  4. Connect the console with the power supply and switch it on. This restarting will clear the cache memory of your device and reset the settings to default.
  5. Now try updating your device again.
  6. If any of the above mentioned steps doesn’t work on your console, then you will have to contact the Xbox support center.
  7. Error 8b050033: This error is mainly a notification for an update but you failed to do so because of the reason that update is not available at present. Xbox servers play an important role in update process, if some maintenance is being going on at server levels then, you can’t update your Xbox.
  8. Error E100xxxxx: If there is any problem in your hardware, then you may get this error code. The hardware will not allow you to update the firmware unless, it gets repaired.
  9. Error 101xxxx: This error has been occurred, when you try to update your device through offline mode. For technical support and assistance related to offline update, you can call at Xbox one customer support