In recent past, some kindle oasis users have reported lighting problem in their kindle oasis model. They have tried all the troubleshooting steps but didn’t able to fix it. Today, in this blog post, we are going to explain the solution for your problem. After reading this blog, you will not find any need to take kindle help from kindle com support link.

Kindle oasis when launched had totally impressed the people with its shape and style. They thought that there was no such competitor in the market who can compete with this device in the E-reader segment. Some have even purchased in a first lot and posted positive reviews on company website. They explained their happiness and full support for this worthy device on the site, but on the other side there were some, who felt dissatisfied after purchasing this device.

One of the major flaw that was being reported by some users was embarrassing one for this precious kindle and this flaw could be easily noticed by any user. The issue was of lighting. They complained that they observed uneven lighting on the screen while reading an E-book. This totally annoys and distract them during reading. Some have even complained of ‘shadow cones’ and ‘colour temperature’ variation on the screen while using the device for reading purposes. They have tried to fix it by own and even took support from Amazon kindle support link, but the problem remained same.

Those who loved to read the EBooks on this kindle E-reader have also confirmed this problem after hearing from sufferers and cross-checked on their own device. They admitted that the problem is there in this device. They tried to resolve this issue by logging onto their Amazon kindle account so as to take the customer support, but nothing has achieved in this regard.

Aside from this problem, some people have not also liked the shape and finishing of this device. They complained of crevice border that runs along the device screen. This is of no use but simply attract the dust towards itself. As a result the edges get broken and ragged. The users of this device, who have observed this problem have posted the comments on the official website so that the company can review the device again and consider it for re-modelling. Now coming back to the main lighting problem. According to some experts views, this is not a problem at all but is due to the sensitivity of eyes different from each other. They said that a person with high sensitivity may notice this change in lighting more than the one with less sensitivity. It is hard to admit this fact but some have even agreed to it. You will be Amazed to hear that some have even done kindle fire update to fix this issue.

So if you are planning to buy a kindle oasis model, then it is advisable to wait for a while till all the things get cleared and everything comes to normal. The company is also reviewing this device and trying to rectify the problem if they find any. Once, this device gets certification from the company, then there is nothing to worry. You can buy it directly. Another advice to people, who wish to buy this device is try to purchase this device from sites other than because you will find the complete pros and cons of this device on other sites like best buy etc. There is no need to enter Amazon credit card login details on other website before placing an order online.

The problem of lighting has also being reported in Paperwhite model, but luckily it has resolved successfully with update. You can try this solution for your kindle oasis model even but there is no guarantee of success after this step. In case you want some help from the technical experts then you can call at kindle customer service number.