Kindle Help

Kindle users might have got a reminder earlier in February regarding the software update and again Amazon is reminding Kindle users about the same update. So update your kindle devices with this software update and get best possible reading experience.

Kindle is dedicatedly working hard to make it’s devices better and better. Recently, Kindle introduced the new improved version of its base model. This time, Kindle is reminding its owners about the mandatory firmware update which it discussed way back in February this year. The Kindle had warned the Kindle owners that they would lose the ability to download ebooks to their Kindle by the end of March 2016 if they don’t update their Kindle devices.

These days Amazon is sending out another reminder emails about that Amazon Kindle update. This the second time Amazon is sending a reminder email.This update is about few changes in the wireless security settings. However, Amazon didn’t follow the set schedule for changing its settings. There can be two reasons behind it either they missed out on the time frame or they value their customer more over security.

This is what Amazon email says:


An important software update for your Kindle device “The Digital Reader’s 4th Kindle” is required to continue to download your books and use Kindle services. This update will ensure wireless coverage so you can continue to have the best possible reading experience.

Follow these steps to update your device:

1.    First of all turn the wireless on which is located at the back of your device to the “On” position or you can also go to the Menu button from your Home screen and then select “Turn Wireless On”.

2.    Make sure to plug your Kindle while the update is taking place.

3.    Wireless should be left on and the Kindle should be plugged in overnight.

While this process the software update should download and install automatically. You might experience that your device will restart multiple times during the update process. After the update is completed you will receive a final confirmation lettere

However, if we are not using one of your Kindle devices then get it deregister from your account. Simply visit and login your Amazon Kindle account. Now click on your Devices tab and select the Kindle device you want to deregister and select deregister. In case you need any help regarding deregistration than Amazon Kindle support will provide you necessary guidance.

Kindle users update your Kindle as this software update will give you better reading experience and to receive all future software updates turn your wireless on a regular basis.