Kindle users will be aware of the fact that their Kindle device is full of books and you have free some space on your device to add new book and below steps will help to delete books from your Kindle device and if you face any difficulty then take Kindle support which is provided by our professionals.

You can download ebooks, magazines and various documents from your registered Amazon account. However, sometimes your Kindle gets overloaded with many books that you just don’t use any longer, then you have to make some room for other books. There are several ways to delete books from your Kindle.


  1. Head to the Home screen and you can access your Kindle home screen by tapping the black and white house icon and from the home screen you can access you entire Kindle library by scrolling up and down the screen.
  2. Now choose the title you want to delete. In case you are not able to locate the title then tap the magnify glass icon on the top right of the screen to view the title. Search for your title in your Kindle device.
  3. Press the title for a while and hold until the menu appears with several options and look for the option that reads “Remove from device” and click and remove the title.
  4. By tapping “Remove from device” and this will delete the book from your Kindle device.
  5. However, if you still remove any item from your Kindle device then item still remains in your Cloud and this mean you can download it later as per your need.

The process of removing the books is very simply but in case you need Kindle help then ask for it.