Amazon Kindle

Kindle users are well familiar with this thing that Kindle provides a real book reading experience. Go through the review of Amazon Kindle, so that you also come to know about the Kindle Oasis’s pros and cons.

As we know Kindle provides people a book reading experience through their e-readers. Whenever people take the name of reading or digital books, then Kindle is the name that strikes the mind. In 2007 Kindle made its first debut. You need to create an Amazon Kindle Account to get latest updates and prime membership. As Amazon made a promise of giving the experience of real book reading experience, Kindle try it’s best to full fill that promise. Kindle Oasis, users are well familiar with this device. So here we came with the review of Kindle Oasis, this will tell the pros and cons of this popular e-reader.

Kindle Paperwhite


Let’s start with the specification of it, the device features a 6-inch display with 1448x1072P resolution. Image holds the balanced sharpness because of 300ppi. The e-reader runs on the Kindle OS 5.7.4 and has onboard storage of 4GB, which is enough to store thousands of e-books. Battery life is good, charge the device once and take the enjoyment for approx. two weeks but company hasn’t shared the exact battery capacity of the device. Brightness is adjustable plus it supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi support comes with a 3G support worldwide (optional). Being a user of Kindle Oasis or other device, if you find any technical trouble then Kindle Fire Support is always there to assist you.

Form Factor

The device contains an asymmetrical design which is considerable lighter and thinner than the Touch design. If we compare this Kindle to previous one, then this device is easy to hold. Fortunately it comes packed with a leather case which is sportive to battery pack, effectively increasing you reading time.


E-reader’s top button forwards and bottom button is for backward, regardless whether you’re grasping it on your left or right hand. From the settings, users can swap the buttons functions. You can take Kindle Help for more suitable assistance.

Cover and Battery Life

Battery of Kindle Oasis enable leather case (available in red, black and brown color). These different colors make Oasis look like a book with leather cover. You can charge the battery with the help of cases’ battery and Oasis holds the good battery life, as you know that this device promises two weeks battery life. But you no need to worry about the battery unless battery cover is attached with the reader. There’s other way of charging the leather battery case without attaching it to the reader.

Settings Up

You can quickly configure the new Kindle Oasis. If you’re not familiar with the setup then Kindle Support will give you the proper guideline. After the completion of configuring procedure you need to select the language, connecting to the wires network and finally create the Amazon account. It will take hardly 5 minutes, later you can customize it.


Backlight Mode

There’s very useful feature of backlight mode on the Oasis. The brightness ranges from almost invisible to eye burning light, that’s why wisely use this mode. The Voyage holds the ambient sensor plus it will cost you less whereas Amazon didn’t include the ambient sensor on their costlier Kindle. Presence of blue hue is a common complaint in it, and this hue is not good for sensitive eyes.


If this is your first time that you’re buying Kindle e reader and find that the cost of this device is putting weight on your wallet then we would like tell that new Kindle is also costly for regular Kindle users. Budget models of Kindle are also available, rest if money is not an issue for you then you can buy this new Kindle.