The experience of the video calling platform is going to get better with an app. With all in one capability, the app is going to provide you more than just the video calling service. Specifically, all the android users would be happy with the upcoming app.

If you want to make a video call to your loved ones across the world, then there is no doubt that Skype stands as one of the best video calling service for almost every individual in the world. The communicating software has already created a new trend in the market. With its fascinating services, the communicating software is adding many new users in its fan base. For any new user, it’s not a complex thing to get connected with this video calling medium. But, the communicating platform also got some small issues like Skype camera not working, which is a common problem for not only the new users but also the existing one. Apart from this, video calling platform keeps on improving the services in a much better way.

This time the communicating software has taken a testing step towards providing an all in one app for all the android users in the market. You can also take it as the step of extending its arms to the section of services and flexibility. The new Skype Mingo is that app, which has been quietly launched to test the reliability of the app on the android platform.  With this app, skype will move to be the new trending app on your smartphone. The app is more than the video calling feature, allow you to get connected with your friends halfway around the world. It’s actually an attempt to turn Skype app as the default app for all the smartphones in the market. Before moving to know more about the app, there have been instances when Skype not working, which is the sole reason, the app has to face some decline in its quality of service and popularity.

skype-mingoSkype Mingo

The app has been launched quietly by Skype, which reflect a silent launch of the app. The app is still in the testing phase on all the android user base. The main features of the app include-

  1. Use skype as the native calling app
  2. Sharing of file and photo
  3. Chatting feature
  4. Contact management
  5. Organize all your contacts

The communicating software is actually trying to bring the SMS relay (the facility for all the users of windows 10, who can send 10 messages through PC) to all android users. Besides bringing the SMS relay thing, the video calling platform needs to resolve the problem of Skype not connecting, which has been the most annoying issue of the video calling platform. Well, the Mingo app will not feature the SMS relay but have some things to differ with the Skype app. The interface of the app features a blue and white color palette, with all Skype’s functionality, including the chatbots. Even it acts as your default communicating software on your phone.

You can use the app as the dialer to get connected with your loved ones. And with the extensive Skype support chat, you can also resolve any issues with the test version of the app. Apart from this, the testing version of the app is fast and quick to access. The app is available to download from Google play store. So, all the android users who are using the skype app should head to this new app.