The dashboard of new Xbox One seems to be more useful and faster. The new dashboard is expected to come this year. Let’s check out.

When the initial dashboard of Xbox One was released in November 2013, the tech giant released it with many improvements. But despite these amendments the dashboard wasn’t having much speed along with some usability issues. Now Microsoft has again improved the dashboard of Xbox One and it’s coming in April this year. It is coming with Windows 10 creators update and the company has shown off the most auspicious change recently. Microsoft Xbox Support will continue with the new dashboard also.

The head of platform engineering for Xbox, mike Ybarra, live-streamed some of the Telltale’s the wolf among Us to show the features of the new dashboard. He ran the stream on Beam platform which is going to be integrated directly into Xbox One and Windows10 in the coming spring. In a post on Xbox Wire last week, he said that the tech giant is reworking on improving the dashboard with the focus on speed. In the case of any query, you can Call Xbox One Support.

Ybarra said in a statement that by pressing one button on Xbox One controller you will be able to pull the newly improved guide as an overlap at the screen’s left side no matter what are you doing. Along with it, the company is also rebuilding the most popular multitasking practices for ease of access and speed.

During the live stream, Ybarra showed the redesign just for a few seconds but some images are available at Windows Central and for more information, you can take Xbox Live Support.

The revised guide seems to function like PS4’s quick menu. The overlay of the guide will feature a new section called Jump that will provide shortcuts to the locations like the Xbox Store and the home screen of the console. Along with this, it will include the list of recently used apps and games. This will automatically speed up the multitasking thereby making you jump directly back and forth between the programs. Now you will not need to wait for the console to download the dashboard.

The other elements that the spring update of Xbox One will include is an overlay for tracking the achievements, controls for background music, more robust social features, a Gamerscore leaderboard, and a redesign to Cortana. On the PC side, the update of the creator will add a game mode to Windows 10, which has been designed to optimize Windows 10 PC for the enhanced performance in gaming said Ybarra in a statement. For more information, you can take Xbox Help.