Many of the electronic giant’s want to make their way to Roku platform to increase their customer base. Earlier, TCL joined Roku and now it is big name Hitachi who has come up with its three new models which supports 4K content and they are available in U.S.

We all might be aware of the Roku and for those who are not aware of this phenomenal device then those are missing out some entertainment in their lives. Roku provides over-the –top content once plugged to HDMI port of your TV screen. You can enjoy content from various services on your Roku such as Amazon video, Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll, Google Play movies, PBS, Time Warner Cable and many more and to get the complete list head to Roku com and get updated with latest channels and services those are coming to Roku. Roku users will be quite aware that they require Roku link code to activate their Roku account.

So, how Hitachi can miss out on Roku. Apart from TCL earlier the recent manufacture to join Roku as an electronics giant is Hitachi. Hitachi introduces its three models those are powered by Roku’s OS system.

Hitachi is bringing 4K TVs to the market but this is not the first time as TCL has already brought 4k TV to the market earlier this year. So, Hitachi is just following the footprints to TCL .The new 4 TVs of Hitachi will go on sale this week in the U.S. Hitachi has a great brand power in the market and Roku is happy to welcome Hitachi to its platform.

Three new TV models will give access to more than 3,500 streaming channels which includes 350,000+ movies and TV episodes ad 4K spotlight channel that makes it easy to access videos from Netflix, FandangoNOW, Amazon video and10+ streaming channels.


These 4 K UHD Hitachi Roku TV models includes quad-core processor and offers 2160 brilliant resolution. These models will make their way in October and The 55”-Class models (55R7, MSRP $599) will be available at Sam’s Club earlier this October and 65”-Class (65R8, MSRP $999) and 50”-Class (50R8, MSRP $499) models will be coming after the first one.

2016, so far has been great year for the Roku Tv and it captured 12% of the US smart TV market in the first half and which was 8% last year. With the coming of Hitachi, Roku is planning to launch 100 Roku TV models in North America this year. Go to the Roku’s official website for more details.

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