Recently Roku has upgraded its models and among them comes a very nominal model for streaming content which is known as Roku Express. Apart from its phenomenal price it can stream video in 4K and HD.

Roku recently came up with the new addition to its line-ups such as Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Premier and Roku Ultra and these streaming players designed to keep in mind people requirement and some of them are in budget too.

At the time of presentation, it was assumed that all the details of these streaming players were revealed but some secrets were not revealed such as prices of the streaming players .The new player is available on Pre-order from Oct 3 and distribution will start from October 9th.Apart, from the price of $30 the content can be extended to the video in 4K and HDR.

Among the new streaming players, the Roku Express is one of the cheapest and it is $20 less than Roku 1.Roku Express is faster but it lacks the input cables. If you need input cables then you have to choose the Roku Express + which is priced at $ 40.

It’s Premier Roku Roku Premiere + which is $80 and 100 respectively, both supports 4k video up to 60 fps and much faster than the previous quad-core processor and also has wireless dual band 802.11ac connectivity which is useful in areas where a higher density of networks are there. Whereas, Premiere + also offers the HDR, an Ethernet port and micro SD slot and RF remote control with jack for headphones.

The top model among the line-up is Roku Ultra which is available at $130.It further replaces Roku 4. Premiere + has an optical audio port which connects the receivers and sound system for home theater. Whereas Roku Ultra has a port USB which can be used for files transmission and voice search is also available and you can also locate your remote as a button is provided to find the remote control. To know more about this feature head towards Roku com.

These new models are the up gradation of Roku devices. Among them, the most popular are $30 model i.e Roku Express which is priced so nominal and at this price provides good content streaming. You will able to enjoy this device once roku setup is completed.

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